Sarah Kendall Darts About Like A Time-Travelling Bee

Will Noble

Sarah Kendall Darts About Like A Time-Travelling Bee

Sarah Kendall: One-Seventeen, Soho Theatre


What links Halley’s Comet, a collision in a Volvo, a failing marriage, an insomniac hamster, and the doomed Challenger space shuttle? Answer: One-Seventeen — the show by New South Wales comedian Sarah Kendall.

Actually, Kendall seems to prefer the term storyteller; and who can argue, when she so nimbly oscillates between childhood and adult memories, channelling the voices of past and present (her scaremongering cracked-throated mum; brass-necked neighbours Mike and Norelle), and darting about like a time-travelling bee — returning to earlier threads to pollinate them with fresh insight and meaning.

Tuesdays can mean tough crowds, and you feel Kendall’s not quite getting the laughter she deserves in tonight’s show. That will surely surge in the lead-up to Saturday’s final show at Soho Theatre, although everyone will rightly keep schtum for the fairy light-flecked coda.    

Sarah Kendall: One Seventeen, Soho Theatre, until 19 May. Tickets from £12.50

Last Updated 16 May 2018

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