Twitter sniggers at Tesco cucumbers that are ‘ideal for Valentine’s Day’

This Tesco store has been mercilessly mocked online after suggesting cucumbers as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

A shopper in the fruit and veg section spotted the eye-popping sign which suggested the salad staple was “ideal” for February 14.

The find came after another branch made waves by suggesting whipped cream as ideal for the romantic day.

Mucky-minded social media users have found the signs hilarious.

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Joanne Wood tweeted: “I don’t like cucumber. Are there Valentine’s parsnips?”

Eveline Timeless wrote: “And here I was thinking the sign ‘Perfect for parties’ by the Durex section at Sainsbury’s was bad last Xmas….”

I love it when @Tesco get romantic.

— Kat (@katia75014) February 1, 2016

@katia75014 Didn’t know there was a vegetable fetish aisle.

— Damian Murphy (@murf) February 1, 2016

@katia75014 @Footballparky @Tesco Fifty Shades of, er, green?

— Mi Pata Izquierda (@CheChe_Guevara) February 2, 2016

@GlitterUnicorn @stephyhulf I like it…… Much more useful than a rose – and if all else fails you can eat it 😀

— Iain (@Devoniain) February 2, 2016


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