Chessington theme park riders stranded after power cut

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One visitor took a picture of people being rescued from a ride

Theme park visitors were stuck on rides because of a power cut at Chessington World of Adventures.

Sixteen people were rescued from two rollercoasters after the loss of power in the local area on Friday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for the Surrey attraction confirmed people had been helped down from rides.

She said the power cut had “impacted operation” on Friday afternoon and evacuations had been carried out on rides that were at a high level.

One visitor tweeted that people were being rescued and added: “I’m never going to a theme park again.”

And Melissa Neilon also posted to say that there was “no communication from staff about what happening”.

The theme park said every ride has a platform next to it so all guests would have been helped to a platform and then would have been able to walk down stairs.

“We got all our guests down within half an hour,” the spokeswoman said.

“We were affected by a power cut in the local area. We are working to resolve that, but guests in this instance are our primary concern.”

But visitor Ian Moyse tweeted that people had been “left in the dark”.

Chessington’s spokeswoman said the power had been restored the park and the smaller rides were starting to run again.

All rides will go through health and safety checks so returning the park to full operation would take time, she added.

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The theme park confirmed that no emergency services were called to deal with the situation and said no-one needed medical help.

Apologising to visitors, the spokeswoman said people would have their tickets revalidated so they could return and enjoy the rides at a later date.

Chessington’s operator Merlin Entertainments saw a fall in visitor numbers in 2015 at Alton Towers after a crash on the Smiler ride at the Staffordshire park.

Merlin was fined £5m over incident in which two carriages on the rollercoaster collided, leaving five people severely injured – including two teenage girls who needed leg amputations.

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