‘We’d rather be in Dagwood!’ Dagenham residents hit back at Hilton advert mocking the area

Dagenham residents have hit back at Hilton Hotels after the luxury chain mocked the east London neighbourhood in adverts on the Tube.

The global hotel firm’s posters read ‘Next stop Dagenham East’, but with the station crossed out and Dubai written in large letters below.

“Don’t just dream about a new destination. Book the lowest price at Hilton.com,” it adds.

But east-enders have rallied in support of Dagenham, which along with Barking is currently subject to a major regeneration programme.

The Hilton Tube adverts persuade passengers to ditch Dagenham for Dubai

Be First, the regeneration firm set up by Barking and Dagenham Council last year, gathered residents to record a video in response to the Hilton advert.

Referencing plans to build the capital’s largest film studios in the area, they sing the praises of the newly dubbed ‘Dagwood’.

Residents have dubbed the area ‘Dagwood’ due to the new film studio set to be built (Be First)

“The Hilton Hotel Dubai? We’d rather be in Dagwood,” claim two men at the start of the clip. “Hooray for Dagwood”, adds a female resident.

Pat Hayes, Be First’s Managing Director, said: “We saw this as a great opportunity to come back with a bit of humour with our cheeky advert which shows why Dagenham is fast becoming a dynamic part of London.

“Dagenham used to be famous for footballers, factories and Fords.  Now the area will be famous for films!”

Source : https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/wed-rather-be-in-dagwood-dagenham-residents-hit-back-at-hilton-advert-mocking-the-area-a3853341.html