Sadiq Khan clashes with Piers Morgan during fiery Good Morning Britain interview on London’s crimewave and Donald Trump blimp

Sadiq Khan clashed with Piers Morgan during a fiery Good Morning Britain interview about London’s crimewave and his decision to let the Trump baby blimp fly near Parliament.

Morgan had previously accused London’s Mayor of being too afraid to face questions from him about a rise in violent crime in the capital.  

Alongside co-presenter Susanna Reid, Morgan demanded answers from the Mayor on the issue of knife crime following a surge in attacks in London this year. 

The pair then clashed over moped crime figures as Mr Khan claimed such offences have fallen by 50 per cent in the last 12 months. 

Sadiq Khan appears on Good Morning Britain to face questions on London’s knife crime

They also had a heated exchange over the Mayor’s decision to allow a giant baby blimp of US President Donald Trump fly over Parliament during Friday’s visit.

Piers Morgan accused the Mayor of increasing crime in the capital

Mr Morgan announced on Tuesday morning that the Mayor had “come out of hiding” to appear on the ITV show.

It came after he accused Mr Khan in May of shirking an interview on the issue of violent crime.

The presenter demanded answers on rising knife crime in the capital as stabbings are at the highest level in London for six years. 

“You vowed to reduce crime, you’ve actually had the complete opposite effect,” he said. 

Mr Morgan added: “I’m worried about [my sons] getting stabbed. 

“People are worried, Sadiq, about the fact that they feel you have lost of control of their safety in your city.”

The Mayor replied: “The security and safety of London is my key priority.”

He explained: “We have lost 10,000 police personnel, we’ve had to sell off police stations…

Revealed: Just one in 20 burglaries in London solved

“They [police] are overstretched and over resourced.”

Mr Khan said he has spent £140 million in London’s policing over the last two years, having increased council tax to its maximum allowance and diverted business rates to policing. 

He also said that 150 officers are now going around London targeting known criminals as part of the Violent Crime Task Force. 

“Stop and search for weapons-related issues has gone up by 24 per cent, leading to arrests,” he added.

The Mayor was then queried on the level of moped crime in the capital over the last year. 

Sadiq Khan said he is investing money in London’s police

However, there was some debate over the official figures as Mr Khan said “moped-enabled” crime has fallen by half in the period. 

He said the number of such crimes carried out after someone has stolen a moped has fallen following new tactics by the Metropolitan Police. 

Specialist teams are chasing those on mopeds, using forensic spray and spikes to catch moped gangs, he said.

“The work the police are doing is starting to make a difference,” he said. 

“In the last year moped-enabled crime has gone down by 50 per cent.” 

But Mr Morgan said official figures from Scotland Yard showed moped crime has gone up year on year. 

Citing Met statistics he said in the last 12 months to May 2018, there were around 22,000 moped crimes, while in the previous 12 months there were around 14,000.

The Mayor said that his figures were also from the Met, and would be made publicly available. 

A furious row has broken out over plans to fly a Trump blimp over London during his visit to the UK (@TrumpBabyUK)

Mr Morgan then demanded answers from Mr Khan on why he approved the satirical blimp of the US president to be flown outside Parliament later this week. 

The ITV presenter asked if the Mayor had approved the blimp, which he claimed allowed “the leader of our closest ally to be publicly humiliated”. 

Mr Khan said: “I support the Greater London Authority and the decision they took.”

He defended his decision saying Londoners should have “freedom to protest and our right to freedom of speech”. 

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“I can’t be a censor. It’s not for me to decide,” he said. 

Mr Morgan went on to ask the Mayor if he would have approved a blimp of former president Barack Obama. 

He said: “If this was Barack Obama and someone came to you and wanted to fly a giant baby, would you allow it?”

“If it’s peaceful and it’s safe, yes,” Mr Khan calmly replied. 

The Mayor said the blimp will be 20 foot high. It will be flown before the anti-Trump protest begins and then it will be taken down for safety reasons.

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