Businesswoman reveals she uses Tinder to recruit chefs for her startup

A businesswoman has revealed she is using Tinder to recruit male chefs to work in her foodie startup company.

Ariella Young, 30, quit her job as a City lawyer earlier this year to set up Mychefit.

The company aims to bring the restaurant experience into homes by having professional cooks serve up a three course meal in people’s kitchens.

After launching the startup, Ms Young said she has recruited male chefs through mobile dating app Tinder as an alternative to ‘corporate’ networking forum LinkedIn.

Messages between Ariella and Olivier, another chef recruited through Tinder

So far Ms Young has spoken to nine chefs by swiping right – with six of them recruited to work for her company.

In screenshot messages with one Tinder match known as Olivier, Ms Young wrote she was looking for chefs with “personality, looks and cooking skills”.

Asked why she uses the dating app as a recruitment strategy, Ms Young told the Standard: “I’ve used LinkedIn as well but I find it is too corporate and not authentic. 

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“With Tinder I can see the profile pictures and match the personalities I want to work for me. It depends on the nature of the business but I would totally advise using Tinder.”

She added: “There have been a couple of flirty messages such as chefs offering to come round and cook for me one-on-one, but nothing inappropriate.

“It is also a good business opportunity because they can choose the hours they want to work so they get a good deal.”

Mychefit was launched in September. Ms Young says that more than 4,000 diners have experienced Mychefit service and more than 300 chefs have used the platform, with the most popular making more than £14,000 on the site in six months. 

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