30 years of LDDC road signs – IanVisits

Thirty years ago, the run down streets that were home to the former docks of London started to see a very distinctive blue street sign popping up.Tired old signs proclaiming local council control were swept away and [Read entire story]

London’s first CityTree – a pollution absorber with the power of 275 trees – IanVisits

A mechanical pollution absorbing “tree” has been installed on a side street near Piccadilly Circus as an experiment to improve local air quality.Said to be able to deliver the pollution reducing and air cooling effect of [Read entire story]

Big Changes Are On The Way For Broadgate

Jordan Waite Big Changes Are On The Way For Broadgate Many of Broadgate's buildings are being stripped back for redevelopment. The area, situated next to Liverpool Street in the City of London, is undergoing [Read entire story]

Art Deco, Modernism & Brutalism in London’s suburbs – IanVisits

Sleepy streets in that far flung place know as “Beyond Zone 2” are a hive of suppressed desires and lurking passions.This is the world of shocking architecture among the bland terraces. Endless ribbons of 1930s housing [Read entire story]

Another Crossrail station tour announced – IanVisits

There’s a chance to visit the next in the series of tours that Crossrail are running of their stations over the next few months.This time it’s Custom House next to the DLR in East London. One of the new above ground [Read entire story]

Exhibition – Welcome to the underworld – IanVisits

A basement off Tottenham Court Road is currently hosting a photo exhibition of other very much grander subterranean spaces from across the world.From formerly secret nuclear bunkers, to swimming pools, transport and [Read entire story]

Can You Guess What Ties The Designs Of These Three London Buildings Together?

Londonist Staff Can You Guess What Ties The Designs Of These Three London Buildings Together? Certain buildings around Liverpool Street station have some pretty unique architectural features. Why? It's all to [Read entire story]

Introducing The Scalpel: The Newest Spire On London’s Skyline

Londonist Staff Introducing The Scalpel: The Newest Spire On London's Skyline The newest skyscraper to adorn London's skyline is beginning to take shape. Known as The Scalpel, the building's unusual shape is to [Read entire story]

Westminster Abbey’s medieval Triforium opening to the public – IanVisits

A vast hidden space, more than 50 feet above the Abbey’s floor is set to open to the public later this year.Following several years of work converting the space, which was often used for storage, Westminster Abbey says [Read entire story]

Could This Be Old Street In 2020?

Later in 2018, work will begin to transform the Old Street Roundabout. But what will replace the tired advertising displays and concrete blocks? A long-list of 39 contenders has now been announced, ahead of a public [Read entire story]