The church still recovering from WW2 damage – IanVisits

In leafy Clerkenwell is a mighty church that externally looks as polite as a Clerkenwell church should look, but inside is still showing the massive scars left by WW2.This is St Mark’s Church, and it has a rather curious [Read entire story]

Some interesting tiling and a secret basement

Deep under the shops and offices of Regent Street lay a rich man’s secret – a secure vault that until recently was acting as a confidential safe deposit facility. I didn’t intend to write about that though, as I was more [Read entire story]

Blackfriars Station’s hidden Puddle Dock entrance – IanVisits

While Blackfriars Station has recently had a massive makeover, it retained a little noticed entrance that has been little changed since the 1970s.Oh, it’s had some polish added, and some retiling, but unlike the main [Read entire story]

Today’s the 50th anniversary of the Marylebone Flyover – IanVisits

A large concrete and steel leviathan is marking the the 50th anniversary of slicing a community in half. The Marylebone Flyover was officially opened on this day in 1967.The flyover itself is just one part of the [Read entire story]

The Long Reign of Pseudo-Georgian Architecture – IanVisits

Neo Georgian, Faux Georgian, Mock-Georgian, there’s probably more Not Really Georgian architecture around now than when the Georgian’s reigned, so that home to architecture, RIBA is taking a wry look at this ever popular [Read entire story]

70 years of celebrating concrete – IanVisits

A magazine starting publishing in 1947, and it’s still going strong today, so there’s an exhibition about its namesake – concrete.The display, at the Building Centre is mainly prints from pages in the magazine, with some [Read entire story]

Geffrye Museum to close in January – IanVisits

As part of a long standing, and at times, controversial, expansion plan, the Geffrye Museum will be closing its doors in a few months for nearly 2 years of rebuilding work.The museum will be closed for “nearly two [Read entire story]

See Mayfair’s little noticed Lutyens Sculpture – IanVisits

On a side street in posh Mayfair is a work of art in remembrance of an architect who is a significant figure in the architecture of Imperial New Delhi.Lutyens’ Delhi is an area in New Delhi, India, named after the [Read entire story]

Moorgate’s Mighty Bronze Doors – IanVisits

Even people who walk down Moorgate daily will have barely noticed a pair of massive bronze doors, for they are usually kept folded open, and only at the weekend is their full beauty apparent.Just a couple of doors from [Read entire story]

How Crossrail is using 3D-printing to build its stations – IanVisits

When you start to use the new Elizabeth line stations next year, among its many achievements will be the first large scale use of 3D-printing in concrete.The use of 3D printing has made possible one of the more [Read entire story]