Is Dartford The Most Rock ‘N’ Roll Town In England?

There is an unwritten law that, when arriving at Dartford train station, you must have Wild Horses coursing through your headphones. It is here on platform 2 — claims a circular plaque — that a wrinkleless Keef and Mick [Read entire story]

How Londoners Are Remembering Grenfell One Year On

It's one year since the Grenfell fire, which killed 72 people living in a North Kensington tower block. Here's how London is remembering the tragedy one year on. A memorial garden is opened A few days ahead of the [Read entire story]

Londonist Meets An Original Windrusher

Alford Gardner and Jim Grover share a joke at the opening of Grover's exhibition"I'd come here on the weekend, on a Saturday afternoon, hitch a ride to London. And I never liked the place." We often come across people [Read entire story]

Sex And Kimonos: Step Back In Time To A Saucy Ancient Japan

"Do you think they are lesbians?" asks Takayo. She is showing us a picture of two naked women, one of whom is pointing an enormous strap-on cock at the other woman's vagina. Um, yes? "No, you see, all the women lived [Read entire story]

The Votes Are In… This Is Officially London’s Favourite Infrastructure Project

This is a sponsored article on behalf of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Last month, we asked Londonist readers to vote on their favourite infrastructure project as part of the ICE London Civil Engineering Awards — a [Read entire story]

Where To Find The Best English Food In London

London: land of 300 languages, and near-infinite dishes from around the world. But what about the English stuff? Where do you go to get a fry-up fit for Stephen Fry? Or fish and chips fit for, er, Michael Fish? Read this [Read entire story]

A Tube Map That Never Happened, Based On Plans From The 1940s

This is the tube map that could have been. Click to enlargeAlastair Carr painstakingly created the map, using details from sweeping proposals published in January 1946. The plans set out to improve and extend the [Read entire story]

Where Shall We Build London 2?

As a slew of disenchanted Londoners slope off to the badlands of Kent and Hertfordshire, muttering under their breath phrases like ''quality of life" and "can have my own shed now", those of us who are left, wonder if [Read entire story]

The London Wedding Venues With The Loveliest Views

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Easy Weddings. For more wedding inspiration, check out their website, with over 100 of London's best wedding venues. The Yacht This dreamboat of a venue doesn't just offer views [Read entire story]

RIP Craiglist’s Personal Ads: An Homage From The Londoners Who Loved Them

"We were in a pub in Uxbridge and I whipped out a vibrating pantie set and said, 'go and put it on in the toilet.' Then I spent the evening controlling the vibrating knickers with a remote." Neil, who's 25, is telling me [Read entire story]