“Blight On The Earth” – What Do You Make Of London’s Ticket Touts?

The enduring popularity of West End theatre shows has seen them fall prey to touts. Photo by Steve Reed in the Londonist Flickr pool.Buying and selling, buying and selling? Of all the professions you probably wouldn't [Read entire story]

A Look Around The Royal Philatelic Society Before It Moves

The Royal Philatelic Society is positively raucous on a Thursday evening. Old friends greeting each other in the hallway, mugs of tea in hand, dressed to the nines and chatting away furiously. What's that they're [Read entire story]

What’s It Like Living In A Shipping Container?

Construction costs at Marston Court start from £20,000 for a studio apartment, from £35,000 for a one bedroom apartment, and from £50,000 for a two bedroom apartment. © Danny Hanson (2017)Sophie is 25, her mauve hair is [Read entire story]

Absolute Prannies Jump Off DLR Train Into Canary Wharf Dock

Will Noble Absolute Prannies Jump Off DLR Train Into Canary Wharf Dock There are some grade-A twits out there. A group of said twits has published this YouTube video of Rikke Brewer and a friend clambering onto [Read entire story]

Is This The Ugliest Building London Was Cursed With In 2017?

Will Noble Is This The Ugliest Building London Was Cursed With In 2017? "Crass, over-scaled and a hideous mess". Not a quote about a former Mayor of London, but Nova Victoria — which scooped the 2017 Carbuncle [Read entire story]

Where To Get Naked In London

Fancy getting your kit off in London, but not quite sure where? From nudey swimming to dinner parties — here are Londoners' top tips on where to get bare. Naked dinner parties "If I am lucky enough to be attending a [Read entire story]

Despair In The Youth Of Today’s London? You Couldn’t Be More Wrong

The 4Front ProjectLondon is often seen as a young person's city. A pop-up on every street corner, world-class universities, vibrant nightlife and cool creative districts — it is built for the young. No wonder over half [Read entire story]

Could You Hack It As A London Traffic Warden?

Fancy matt black Lamborghini picks up a ticket outside Harrods. Photo: Steven JohnstonThe air is heavy with chlorine and car fumes as two middle-aged ladies are fussing over something yellow wedged underneath the [Read entire story]

Is the Nespresso Café Another Nail In Soho’s Coffin?

"I'd have worn a shirt if I'd known it was this nice. I feel like I should've been on a guest list to get in." Gareth, who is more at home in Hackney Wick, has come to join me at the Nespresso Café in Bank. With window [Read entire story]

Why On Earth Would Anyone Go To Romford? Because It’s Got All This…

Look, we visited on the wrong day, OK"Was it that night I got to hold an Oscar?" It is piddling cats and dogs on our heads, and Max is trying to work out if he's been to Romford before. "Or it might've been [Read entire story]