You Can Now Have Afternoon Tea With Winnie, Tigger And Eeyore

Robert Greene You Can Now Have Afternoon Tea With Winnie, Tigger And Eeyore Picnic with Pooh? Now there's an offer you can't refuse. Join Winnie, Tigger, Eeyore and co at The Pelham hotel's Silly Old Bear [Read entire story]

108 Brasserie Swaps Fish For Falafel With Its Veggie Month Menu

January saw a wash of restaurants swap steak for salad as hashtag Veganuary made a triumphant return to the London food scene. Roll on March and Veggie Month is in full swing, with food stalls and eateries across the [Read entire story]

We Know It’s Cheesy But St Paul’s Cheese Nights Are Grate

Wine and cheese soirées might sound like the reserve of the supercilious or hipster folk, but newly-opened St Paul is hoping to shake things up with its evening menu. The restaurant-stroke-café is an “informal [Read entire story]

A Restaurant For Rum-Lovers And Ceviche Connoisseurs

Lydia Manch A Restaurant For Rum-Lovers And Ceviche Connoisseurs Asia de Cuba 3 It's not always easy to make a hotel restaurant feel lived-in, to banish that transient, [Read entire story]

London’s Best Vegan Pizzas | Londonist

NAMA's vegan pizza slices.Do you feel you have to fight, for your right, to vegan pizza? Vegan eating in London has exploded in recent years but when it comes to our favourite hangover, couch-potato and comfort foods it [Read entire story]

We Doubt You’ll Find A London Cafe That’s Prettier Than This

Laura Reynolds We Doubt You'll Find A London Cafe That's Prettier Than This Did a unicorn sneeze in here or something? Elan Cafe, situated on Park Lane, could arguably claim the title of London's prettiest [Read entire story]

Mexi-Asian Tacos Arrive In Stoke Newington

For somewhere so elegant, Victory Mansion seems surprisingly keen to get you messy. The venue's made an appearance on our most beautiful restaurants list by virtue of its art deco loveliness, all lacquer-and-wood and [Read entire story]

Inside The Factory That Makes Chocolate Digestives

Digestives, freshly enrobed in chocolate, whiz by on a conveyor belt. 180 tonnes of the biscuit are made in London each dayUntil we zoomed past it on a train, en route to Watford, we never knew that London had a [Read entire story]

Got A Taste For The Finer Things? This Gold Cafe Is One For You

Robert Greene Got A Taste For The Finer Things? This Gold Cafe Is One For You If it's luxury you're after, Saint Aymes — located just north of Hyde Park — is unlikely to disappoint. This cafe may be small, but [Read entire story]

London Has A Pub From A Nursery Rhyme

Have you ever dined inside a nursery rhyme? If you've eaten at the Eagle on City Road, then count yourself included. The pub is mentioned in the well-known tune Pop Goes the Weasel. Specifically: "Up and down the City [Read entire story]