Exhibition looks at the use of Uncommon Currency in London – IanVisits

Money is changing – the rise of cryptocurrencies, quantitative easing, and people scouring around for old pound coins, so an exhibition has opened that looks at the nature of alternative currencies.The exhibition, [Read entire story]

Some interesting tiling and a secret basement

Deep under the shops and offices of Regent Street lay a rich man’s secret – a secure vault that until recently was acting as a confidential safe deposit facility. I didn’t intend to write about that though, as I was more [Read entire story]

A glass case, a dead dog, and Slough train station – IanVisits

On a London bound platform at Slough station can be found a rather old glass case, and inside, a very dead dog. Stuffed.This is Station Jim, or Dog Jim sometimes, who was a charity collection dog who would walk around [Read entire story]

The parish marker of a Rotherhithe church – in Stratford – IanVisits

If you wander along that broad avenue of Tesco Value Dubai that is post-Olympics Stratford High Street, you might spy a relic from the deep past.What is a weather worn stone doing here intruding into this modern [Read entire story]

150th anniversary of St Pancras Station – IanVisits

This month marks the 149th anniversary of the opening of St Pancras Station, and it also marks the start of a year of celebrations to mark its 150th birthday.The fact the station is still here 150 years later is itself a [Read entire story]

Geffrye Museum to close in January – IanVisits

As part of a long standing, and at times, controversial, expansion plan, the Geffrye Museum will be closing its doors in a few months for nearly 2 years of rebuilding work.The museum will be closed for “nearly two [Read entire story]

Attend the ancient Ceremony of the Keys in the Tower of London – IanVisits

Every night, long after the tourists have been kicked out an ancient ceremony is performed in private inside the Tower of London – the Ceremony of the Keys.Who’s keys? Queen Elizabeth’s keys!What keys? The keys that lock [Read entire story]

Exhibition shows off the unbuilt plans for the V&A Museum – IanVisits

That cathedral to art and design is itself a product of the same, and has put on an exhibition about how it came to be what it is.The display is a series of drawings and watercolours showing the evolution of the V&A [Read entire story]

Someone’s Created A History Of London In Lego… It’s Something Quite Special

Will Noble Someone's Created A History Of London In Lego... It's Something Quite Special We've seen everything from Tower Bridge to life-sized tube carriages made from Lego. But now someone's gone and created [Read entire story]

A hidden industrial marvel at Canary Wharf – IanVisits

If you live near Canary Wharf you might regularly pass a rather modest brick building, but hidden within is a industrial delight to see.What looks at first glance to be a power plant is in fact a massive water pumping [Read entire story]