Uncovering London’s forgotten Civil War fortifications – IanVisits

Longer, taller, and wider than its more famous Roman ancestor, there used to be a massive wall surrounding London – and yet it vanished within a decade of being built. What happened?This was the Lines of Communication, [Read entire story]

Learn All About London At The Bishopsgate Institute

This is a sponsored article on behalf of the Bishopsgate Institute. If you're a London obsessive like us, then the upcoming events at the Bishopsgate Institute will be right up your frog and toad. There's a new series [Read entire story]

Sundials Of London | Londonist

A famous sundial near Tower Bridge. By M@On a bright day, a sundial is the most attractive way to tell the time. London has many of them, a variety of different ages and types which tell the time with shadows. Enthusiast [Read entire story]

When A Giraffe Lived Behind A North London Pub

Harry Rosehill When A Giraffe Lived Behind A North London Pub Composite: Derek Keats and authorThe Pineapple is a quality Kentish Town boozer. It dates all the way back to the 1850s and was saved from [Read entire story]

Regeneration Is Forcing London’s Timber Yards Out Of Business

Timber yards have been part of south east London’s history for millennia. They helped with the development of Roman Londinium, including the construction of old London Bridge. Yards proliferated in Lambeth in the 17th [Read entire story]

In Photos: London In 1994

Londonist Staff In Photos: London In 1994 London celebrated the dawn of the New South Africa, April 1994Source WolfinlondonSouth BankSource Walter RothwellThe most import military structure in London (and [Read entire story]

What Is The Lambeth Walk?

Any time you’re Lambeth way Any evening, any day, You’ll find us all Doin’ the Lambeth walkIt's a ditty most of us will be familiar with. But where does it come from? How does one do the Lambeth Walk? And what's to be [Read entire story]

Inside The East London Car Factory You Thought Had Closed

Beneath the well-stained corrugated ceiling, erected by the Ford company in 1929, robots arms tighten valves on the new EcoBlue engines. The 'Panther' plant as it's known (all the plants here are named after big cats) is [Read entire story]

How London’s Railings Ended Up At The Bottom Of The Thames

Photo: Katie Chan from Wikimedia CommonsWalking around London's more aspirational neighbourhoods, one is struck by the dominance of spiked black railings guarding buildings. Many take them as a signal of London's [Read entire story]

London Had A Wobbly Bridge 100 Years Ago

While the denizens of Nine Elms are campaigning for a pedestrian crossing from Battersea, let’s spare a thought for the mysterious ‘lost bridge of Vauxhall’.  It seems to have escaped the notice of London’s chroniclers, [Read entire story]