This Remarkable Vision Of Regent Street Is From 90 Years Ago

[email protected] This Remarkable Vision Of Regent Street Is From 90 Years Ago This is a vision of the West End's future, drawn up in 1929. Architect Howard Robertson has swept away the Georgian terraces in favour of glass [Read entire story]

Visit the ruins of London’s Lesnes Abbey – IanVisits

Sitting not far from central London can be found the ruins of a large Abbey, which if it were almost anywhere else would be a major tourist attraction.But the large ruins of Lesnes Abbey are in Abbey Wood, South-East [Read entire story]

A History Of Fried Chicken In London

Heaven on a tray? A new, healthier fried chicken courtesy of Sam's, FinchleyPicture the scene. You’ve plonked yourself down on the night bus. Taste buds already drying in anticipation of the salty goodness to come, you [Read entire story]

Is This London’s Most Overblown Plaque?

Walking past Bryanston Square in Marylebone, our eyes were drawn to this pretty little drinking fountain. It was designed by Julia Clara Pitt Byrne (1819-1894). She sounds like a remarkable person. Her writings cover [Read entire story]

Take a tour of Coventry’s medieval architecture – IanVisits

It may seem oxymoronic to associate the words Coventry and Heritage in the same headline, but behind the headlines of post-war concrete there’s quite a lot of the old stuff left.In any other city in fact, the amount of [Read entire story]

Find Chocolate Ecstasy On This London Tour

Eleana Overett Find Chocolate Ecstasy On This London Tour If you love chocolate, history, and London then good news — we've found the perfect tour for you. Chocolate Ecstasy Tours take place around Chelsea, [Read entire story]

The West London Stately Home Where A King Exploded

Photo: Simon & His CameraWest London's not short of a stately home or two, but have you ever been to Syon House and Park? It's owned by the Duke of Northumberland, whose northern pile Alnwick Castle stood in for Hogwarts [Read entire story]

Why On Earth Would Anyone Go To Romford? Because It’s Got All This…

Look, we visited on the wrong day, OK"Was it that night I got to hold an Oscar?" It is piddling cats and dogs on our heads, and Max is trying to work out if he's been to Romford before. "Or it might've been [Read entire story]

Mapped: London’s Post Office History

This article was written in partnership with the Postal Museum. A ride on the Mail Rail visitor attraction offers a unique glimpse into the history of the Post Office. But London is crammed with other reminders of the [Read entire story]

The London Who Pioneered Panto As We Know It Today

John Rich, comic dancing in harlequin garb.Ever heard of John Rich? He's the man credited with inventing the pantomime genre. Theatre manager, impresario and performer, he also opened the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden on [Read entire story]