The year football was banned in London – IanVisits

In 1314, Nicholas de Farndone, the Mayor of London (Lord Mayors came later), acting on behalf of King Edward II, banned football in London.“And whereas there is great uproar in the City, through certain tumults arising [Read entire story]

A Tube Map That Never Happened, Based On Plans From The 1940s

This is the tube map that could have been. Click to enlargeAlastair Carr painstakingly created the map, using details from sweeping proposals published in January 1946. The plans set out to improve and extend the [Read entire story]

Two 19th century pumps in the countryside – IanVisits

It would be impressive to be out in the middle of the countryside and find one 19th century water pump, but two within a mile of each other is exceptional.The first, from a distance looked like it might be a lych gate [Read entire story]

Japanese prints of London in 1866… are very Japanese – IanVisits

What happens when you’re a Japan based woodblock printer who wants to sell prints of London, but have never visited the city? London ends up looking like Japan.Utagawa Yoshitora was a prolific, and skilled illustrator [Read entire story]

A 300 year old folly hidden in a wood that you can sleep in – IanVisits

Hidden away in a private wood is a 300 year old folly, Queen Anne’s Summerhouse. Queen Anne never visited it, but you can.A red brick fortress hidden away inside a private wood is an unexpected sight, so what’s it doing [Read entire story]

Fulham Broadway’s Former Edwardian Ticket Hall Has Had A Boozy Makeover

Will Noble Fulham Broadway’s Former Edwardian Ticket Hall Has Had A Boozy Makeover The Grade II-listed former ticket hall of Fulham Broadway station, a triumph of Edwardian charm, has recently found a new lease [Read entire story]

There’s a museum to Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin – IanVisits

In this the 90th anniversary of the publication of the discovery of penicillin and the transformation of medical science, what better than to visit the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum?Actually, as it turns out lots [Read entire story]

Visit an abandoned railway tunnel and viaduct – IanVisits

Many towns have bits of abandoned railway, maybe a tunnel or a viaduct, but there are few that have both. Such a place is Winchester, and this is a tale of a lost railway.In the town centre can be found this huge [Read entire story]

In Pictures: London’s Windrush Generation Today

Will Noble In Pictures: London's Windrush Generation Today It's 70 years since the Empire Windrush docked in Tilbury, bringing with it a generation of West Indians, who would change the landscape of London and [Read entire story]

Why Is There An Elephant On Camden’s Coat Of Arms?

[email protected] Why Is There An Elephant On Camden's Coat Of Arms? This is the coat-of-arms for the London Borough of Camden. It was granted in 1965 when the local authority was formed from the old boroughs of Holborn, St [Read entire story]