Postmodernism Officially Becomes Heritage: 10 London Buildings Listed

Harry Rosehill Postmodernism Officially Becomes Heritage: 10 London Buildings Listed Hillingdon Civic Centre, Uxbridge © Historic EnglandPostmodernism — the architectural movement that attempted to inject a [Read entire story]

10 Foods You Never Knew Were Invented In London

Photography © Martin PooleForget architecture and culture — it’s in food that London’s creativity really lies. From fish and chips to Earl Grey tea, have a taste of the iconic British foods invented in the [Read entire story]

250th anniversary of the Massacre of St George’s Fields – IanVisits

Today marks the 250th anniversary of the government shooting dead rioters in Southwark.What is known as the Massacre of St George’s Fields took place on 10th May 1768 when protestors massed in St George’s Fields, [Read entire story]

Secret Gardens, Private Islands And Wildlife Aplenty… All At The End Of A TfL Bus Route

Laura Reynolds Secret Gardens, Private Islands And Wildlife Aplenty... All At The End Of A TfL Bus Route Want to escape from hectic city life and delve into history, nature, hidden gardens and beautiful [Read entire story]

Why You Should Go To… Sevenoaks

Knole House. Photo: Laura ReynoldsSevenoaks. Sounds bucolic doesn't it. Well, you can shred that image right away; the original seven trees in Knole Park are long gone, and six of their seven replacements at the Vine [Read entire story]

How To Eat, Drink And Smoke Like Winston Churchill

Churchill celebrates his 69th birthday with a cake. And a smattering of reasonably relevant figures from 20th century history. Image courtesy of IWM.Despite his penchant for food, liquor and cigars, Winston Churchill [Read entire story]

Inside London’s Hidden Cinema Museum

Mustachioed Maurice Hardcastle proudly paces the corridors of Kennington's Cinema Museum, sporting a gold-trimmed, gravy brown James F Donald uniform and peaked cap, dating back to 1945. Debonair from head to toe, he [Read entire story]

Museums by Appointment – The Memorial Scrolls Trust – IanVisits

Part of an occasional series where I visit museums that are open to the public, but only if you have contacted them first and arranged a time to visit.Museums by Appointment—There’s a museum on a private road, behind a [Read entire story]

The Aldgate Pump Epidemic – IanVisits

A water pump on the edge of the City of London that was praised for its clean clear water, that killed hundreds of Londoners.This is the Aldgate Pump.A water pump at Aldgate can be traced back to at least the time of [Read entire story]

12 Things You Never Knew About Wembley Park

Brought to you in partnership with Wembley Park. Wembley Park has emerged as one of London's brightest new creative districts, but it is also steeped in history. From its deep past to the sparkling present, here are 12 [Read entire story]