Hear Handel’s Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral – IanVisits

An annual tradition is being continued this Christmas, with an uplifting rendition of Handel’s Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral.I attended a couple of years ago, and stirring song and music in the stunning surroundings of [Read entire story]

Attend the ancient Ceremony of the Keys in the Tower of London – IanVisits

Every night, long after the tourists have been kicked out an ancient ceremony is performed in private inside the Tower of London – the Ceremony of the Keys.Who’s keys? Queen Elizabeth’s keys!What keys? The keys that lock [Read entire story]

London’s NYE fireworks on sale today – IanVisits

The first batch of tickets for London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks will be released at midday today (Friday 29 September).The fireworks and lighting display will feature more than 12,000 fireworks, 2,000 lighting cues and [Read entire story]

Celebrate the 50th birthday of the Class 50 locomotive – IanVisits

Fifty years ago the Class 50 locomotive was born, and just 50 of the class of 50 were ever made.Next month marks their 50th anniversary (17th Oct to be exact) when the very first of the 50 rolled out of the factory, and [Read entire story]

Boring Talks – An evening of pointless mundanities – IanVisits

The world is full of events and conferences that promise to change your life. Boring Talks won’t do that. It’s an evening celebrating the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked; subjects often considered [Read entire story]

Britain’s 100 best railway stations at the British Library – IanVisits

In a talk at the British Library, Simon Jenkins tells the stories behind the development, triumphs and follies of that great British institution: the railway station.From Waterloo to Whitby, St Pancras to Stirling, this [Read entire story]

Transport Museum depot open weekend – IanVisits

Later this month there will be an occasional open weekend at the Transport Museum’s overflow depot at Acton.While the museum’s base in Covent Garden is their main home, the Acton depot is far larger, and houses all the [Read entire story]

Free tours of Crossrail stations this month – IanVisits

As part of the London Open House weekend, there will be tours of four Crossrail sites to see the work that is converting them into future Elizabeth line stations.Tours need to be prebooked, and tickets are being released [Read entire story]

Tickets Alert – Bird watching and poetry in The Monument – IanVisits

That stone column to the Great Fire of London is holding a series of evening events during the autumn. Three events are planned, in the hours after the column normally closes to the public.7th September – Bird watching [Read entire story]

The London Month of the Dead – IanVisits

October is the month of the dead, a now annual festival of all things macabre and spooky. The month of the dead is a series of talks supporting London’s Magnificent Seven cemeteries.All tickets cost £12 unless otherwise [Read entire story]