London’s Alleys – Spital Yard – IanVisits

Just off the busy main road running between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch is a short little alleyway with a small dose of history about it.In two halves, the picturesque side is laid with what most people call cobbles, [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Prudent Passage – IanVisits

This is a rather curious little alley, offering a convenient if easy to miss passage between two side streets.Lined in white tiles, this otherwise grim little passage is nicely lifted and its short length helps to [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Lovers Walk – IanVisits

There’s a wooded pathway that is not called Lovers Walk, but that’s what everyone other than the original planner now calls it. Which is probably quite annoying for the landowner, who preferred the more respectable Grove [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Post Office Court – IanVisits

You wont be surprised to learn that this alley is named after the actual Post Office, as this site used to be its headquarters.Following the Great Fire of London, the Post Office moved from its old site in Bishopsgate to [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Lumley Court – IanVisits – London News and Events Guide

If you walk along the north side of The Strand you cannot help but notice a number of small alleys, some rather delightful and concealing local pubs, but this is Lumley Court, where you are exhorted to speak with hushed [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Talbot Court – IanVisits – London News and Events Guide

This is one of the larger alleys in London, and one which is very heavily used, thanks to hosting a number of businesses, and a rather fine pub.Quite what the origins of the alley are is lost in time, but may be a [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Nicholas Passage – IanVisits – London News and Events Guide

Running, not inappropriately, from Nicholas Lane, can be found this rather short little alleyway that takes you between a single block of offices over to Abchurch Lane.The alley, and the lane are both named after the [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Pope’s Head Alley – IanVisits – London News and Events Guide

This alley has the distinction of being involved indirectly in King Henry’s break from Rome and appeared in Pepy’s Diary.What makes it doubly interesting is that it is in the wrong place.The alley though is named after a [Read entire story]