London’s Alleys – Fleur de Lis Street – IanVisits

Although called a street, this is in fact an alleyway, or at least, enough of it is to qualify.The rather grandly named Fleur de Lis Street is a relic of the time when this part of Spitalfields was filled with French [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Parliament Court – IanVisits

A very narrow little alley offers a mix of rubbish, polite flats, graffiti and the back door to a historic synagogue.The grandly named Parliament Court is not a court, and appears to have never been one, but an alley [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Golden Fleece Court – IanVisits

Dare you go on a quest for the Golden Fleece? For in Aldgate it is to be found, in an alley dark and treacherous.Sadly, this noisome alley is as far from its namesake as it is likely to be possible to achieve.A short [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Fruiterers Passage – IanVisits

One of the smartest looking alleys in London is a passage underneath the northern side of Southwark Bridge, with ornate tiling, decorative panels and delightful lighting.The alley came into existence in 1921 when the [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Coleman Street Buildings – IanVisits

This alley is structurally modern, but has the air of an old church undercroft in its design, and lies on the site of a much older alley.Slightly confusingly called Coleman Street Buildings, the alley can be found on [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – St Stephen’s Row – IanVisits

The majestic imposing bulk of Mansion House conceals a charming alley hidden behind its walls, and splitting the secular home of the Lord Mayor of London from the ancient church behind.The alley also happens to lead to a [Read entire story]

London Alleys – Essex Street Steps – IanVisits

This is probably the grandest entrance that has ever been constructed to what is just a short set of steps between two roads.These are the Essex Street steps which link Essex Street to Milford Lane.When Essex Street was [Read entire story]

London Alleys – The Nameless Alley – IanVisits

There is a nameless alley in London. It wont appear on any maps. It appears and vanishes seemingly randomly, moving without moving.Yet almost everyone has used it at some time.These are the temporary alleys that appear [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Spital Yard – IanVisits

Just off the busy main road running between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch is a short little alleyway with a small dose of history about it.In two halves, the picturesque side is laid with what most people call cobbles, [Read entire story]

London’s Alleys – Prudent Passage – IanVisits

This is a rather curious little alley, offering a convenient if easy to miss passage between two side streets.Lined in white tiles, this otherwise grim little passage is nicely lifted and its short length helps to [Read entire story]