London’s Secret Deep-Level Shelters And Where To Find Them

Ever spotted one of these drum-shaped buildings along the Northern line? 13 of the distinctive structures lurk close to tube stations. They are relics of the Second World War. During the early 1940s, eight deep-level [Read entire story]

London’s Most Central Hotel Has A Mini-Museum About Itself

For most Londoners, the Charing Cross Hotel is an afterthought to the station it sits atop, something used by visitors to London rather than the suburban commuters who use the station on a daily basis. Yet it's been [Read entire story]

Ever Noticed The Ancient Pump On Cornhill?

[email protected] Ever Noticed The Ancient Pump On Cornhill? There aren't many bits of medieval London left in the Square Mile. One survivor of sorts can be found on Cornhill, beside the Royal Exchange. Here, a seven-foot [Read entire story]

Know These 9 Things About Kensington Palace And Gardens?

Kings and Queens once called it home. These days, the younger royals have the run of the place. Kensington Palace began life as Nottingham House, before it was snapped up and expanded by William and Mary. The rest is [Read entire story]

London’s Italian Street: Sicilian Avenue

'Sicilian Avenue' proclaim the gold-embossed arches bookmarking each end of this Grade II listed pedestrian cut-through. If you've ever noticed them, chances are it was from the top of a double-decker bus crawling past [Read entire story]

9 London Museums You Probably Didn’t Know About

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, The Clown Gallery, The Savoy Cocktail Museum and the British Optical Association MuseumScience Museum? Tick. British Museum. Of course. Natural History Museum? Duh — there are [Read entire story]

The London Toy Shop That Mirrors A Child’s Imagination

Sitting quietly opposite Gospel Oak station is a building, its pink and green paints faded and flaking. Hundreds of people walk by this building daily, failing to notice it. If they were to look a little bit closer, they [Read entire story]

What Are These Strange Cross Symbols On London’s Bridges?

[email protected] What Are These Strange Cross Symbols On London's Bridges? If you're the sort of person who keeps their eyes open while walking around, you may have noticed these strange hieroglyphs beside London's [Read entire story]