The Funniest Sign We’ve Seen In A While

Will Noble The Funniest Sign We've Seen In A While Join us to chat about all things related to London transport on our new Facebook group, Londonist Roundel Ramblings — everyone welcome. We love us a good [Read entire story]

Is Dartford The Most Rock ‘N’ Roll Town In England?

There is an unwritten law that, when arriving at Dartford train station, you must have Wild Horses coursing through your headphones. It is here on platform 2 — claims a circular plaque — that a wrinkleless Keef and Mick [Read entire story]

9 Secrets Of The 100 Club

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Sounds Like London. The 100 Club is one of the iconic London venues taking part in the Mayor of London's Sounds Like London campaign — a month-long celebration of both women in [Read entire story]

A Tale Of Two Shitters

Will Noble A Tale Of Two Shitters Feast your eyes. Takes a few moments to sink in doesn't it. But this is the actual sight that greets you in one of the gents' toilet cubicles between Nando's and GBK, in Canary [Read entire story]

An Official TfL Tube Diagram With Some Very Odd Station Names

Will Noble An Official TfL Tube Diagram With Some Very Odd Station Names Naureen House? Jumpperly? Great Puddington? Hold your horses — what's going on here then? Image: TfLAlternative tube maps might be ten a [Read entire story]

Sex And Kimonos: Step Back In Time To A Saucy Ancient Japan

"Do you think they are lesbians?" asks Takayo. She is showing us a picture of two naked women, one of whom is pointing an enormous strap-on cock at the other woman's vagina. Um, yes? "No, you see, all the women lived [Read entire story]

Attenborough And Franklin Together On One London Mural

[email protected] Attenborough And Franklin Together On One London Mural At which station can you see a painting of DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin peeking over the shoulder of David Attenborough? Answer: West Dulwich.This [Read entire story]

RIP Craiglist’s Personal Ads: An Homage From The Londoners Who Loved Them

"We were in a pub in Uxbridge and I whipped out a vibrating pantie set and said, 'go and put it on in the toilet.' Then I spent the evening controlling the vibrating knickers with a remote." Neil, who's 25, is telling me [Read entire story]

Tube Snakes: Have You Seen Them?

[email protected] Tube Snakes: Have You Seen Them? These mysterious serpents, dubbed greywyrms, are a rare but memorable sight on tube platforms. The ashen snakes are unique to the London underground. They favour dank [Read entire story]

We Went To The London Pub, To See What Goes On In There

If you've ever wandered down Woburn Place towards Russell Square, you may have found yourself looking on with some degree of curiosity or bemusement at a place whose sign features a Beefeater, a tube station sign, the [Read entire story]