11 Apps To Solve Your London Problems

Living in London is great, but it has it's problems, right? Nothing that an app can't fix. We've found a solution to every problem — from apps that can help you find something to do, to those that can help you get there, [Read entire story]

Inside The East London Car Factory You Thought Had Closed

Beneath the well-stained corrugated ceiling, erected by the Ford company in 1929, robots arms tighten valves on the new EcoBlue engines. The 'Panther' plant as it's known (all the plants here are named after big cats) is [Read entire story]

London Is The Tech Capital Of Europe – Let’s Keep It That Way

City AM London Is The Tech Capital Of Europe - Let's Keep It That Way A robot at the Science Museum. Photo: Matt BrownJust like the silver Terminator chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger, technology couldn't care less [Read entire story]

Help Restore This Gorgeous Observatory

M@ Help Restore This Gorgeous Observatory This is the Altazimuth Pavilion at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. A very handsome building, we're sure you'll agree. The Grade II listed structure is in a bit of a [Read entire story]

Tubes To Get Phone Signal? Pros And Cons

Image: Roll the Dice in the Londonist Flickr pool.Could the Underground network finally be getting a phone signal? The FT thinks so (£). The newspaper reports that mayor Sadiq Khan and Transport for London will pursue [Read entire story]

You Can Now Tap In With Your Samsung

Will Noble You Can Now Tap In With Your Samsung We're not 100% this phone's a Samsung, but anyway. Photo: Dave KirwinSamsung Pay is now in action for pay as you go users across London's transport [Read entire story]

English Institute of Sport data chief: “You can’t argue with the statistics” | Sport

Stafford Murray is head of performance analysis at the English Institute of Sport, where he has worked since its inception – thanks to government lottery funding and consequential financial investment in sport science – [Read entire story]